A Guide To Prison Tats

Skin Head Tattoo

That guy seems nice…and terrifying. So fair readers, if you’re anything like our friend in the picture above, you may find yourself in jail someday. It may be for just a night, it may be for just a month, or it may be for a long enough time that you’re going to have to learn the ropes and know what to look out for as you spend life inside of a cell-block. One thing that might help is knowing which groups rock which tattoos. Like the guy above, he’s inked with a “14” tattoo that represents the “14 Words” of white nationalist David Lane, an “88” that represents an 88 word passage from Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”, and Norse interlocking triangles that represent dying in battle. These different tats add up to this guy being a Neo-Nazi ready to throw down for what he believes. So look out for this guy, and look out for these different tattoos in prison…

sur 13 tattoo

The above ink represents “Surenos” (accent mark on the “n”) with the “Sur” and the letter “M” for Mexico with the number 13. They’re a Southern California gang with roots in the Mexican Mafia, so don’t mess with them. They might mess with these guys though…

ewmn spades tattoo

The Aryan Brotherhood like to get Shamrock tattoos and love to get “AB”s for “12”s to represent the first and second letters of the alphabet. They also like “666” tattoos, but really, who doesn’t…

la eme tattoo

Well, guys with “EWMN” tattoos on their knuckles don’t need to get the mark of the beast, because they’re ink stands for “Evil, Wicked, Mean, Nasty”. Speaking of nasty, check out this bad Larry…

ms 13 tattoo

These two “m”s stand for Mexican Mafia, or La Eme. These guys are one of the most highly organized and powerful groups in the American prison system, and they will mess you up. These guys will also mess you up…

nazi low riders tattoos

Yup, that’s an MS-13 tattoo, and it represents Mara Salvatrucha, one of the most violent and ruthless gangs in the entire Western hemisphere. Members of this gang also often have intricate face ink, so if you see a ton of face tats, look the other way…just don’t look at these guys…

norteno soldier tattoo

The Nazi Lowriders sport these symbols, and these white supremacists are not to be messed with. Neither are the Nortenos (accent on the “n” again folks)…

sig runes tattoo

The sombrero on this tattoo shows their allegiance to the Nuestra Familia, the group that controls this powerful gang. This whole article is scaring us at this point, so let’s rap it up with something cute…or this terrifying this that you will often see on a white supremacist, that’s cool too.

We hope that if you ever find yourself behind bars, you remember what you saw in this article and stay away from pretty much everyone. Tattoos, whether on a gang member or on a father of three, show dedication to an idea, and if that idea is something violent, inking it on yourself guarantees that you are serious business. Stay out of jail folks, it’s rough in there.

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