Adriana Lima’s Tattoo

Victoria’s Secret Angel Adriana Lima is famous for being really good at being really good looking…that’s about it, because she’s definitely not famous for getting good tattoo work done. Now as always, we can’t say anything for the meaning of her ink, and we respect whatever it represents to her, but the artist who did her tribal and star combo has some issues. We can’t help but think that one of the top five richest models in the world could afford a better artist. Whatever it’s supposed to be, it doesn’t look like it, unless it was supposed to look like a space-alien-snake-monster; if that’s the case, then it’s the best we’ve ever seen. It doesn’t help matters that the quality of the tattoo is juxtaposed (yay big word!) by her overall gorgeousness. Like we never say but will say “we always say” for the sake of this article; rusty hubcaps don’t’ look bad on a Honda, but they look like hell on a Benz.

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