Adrianne Palicki’s Tattoos

Adrianne Palicki has had a solid television career filled with ups and downs; from her great work on Friday Night Lights, Supernatural, and Smallville; to her failed efforts at making Wonder Woman and Aquaman into hits, Palicki has always put forth solid efforts. She’s also been pretty easy for her make-up departments to deal with, as she’s both got a naturally gorgeous face, and is not heavily tattooed. Palicki currently has three tattoos that we can see; she has an “Om” symbol on her ankle (a sacred symbol popular amongst yoga enthusiasts), “Jeff And Nancy” on her right arm (her parents’ names), and something written down her spine that we can’t quite read. She’s said in interviews that she has a Supergirl tattoo, so we’re not sure if her spinal ink is the tattoo in question, or if she has a forth piece hidden somewhere on her body. Her role in G.I. Joe: Retaliation has her wearing some pretty skimpy outfits, so perhaps we will get a better look at her ink in the movie.





4 thoughts on “Adrianne Palicki’s Tattoos”

  1. The tattoo down her back is in hebrew, and it translates to ” what does’nt kill me makes me stronger”

  2. In some scenes of Friday Night Lights you can see that she has a tramp stamp, so maybe that is the superpower one?

  3. Jeff & Nancy = Right bicep
    Grace = Right forearm
    Previously mentioned Hebrew = On her spine
    Bull = lower back/tramp stamp
    EA = Left ankle
    Om = Right ankle
    Supergirl Symbol = right hip/bikini area

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