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Aleks emelianeko Chest

If you only recognize Aleks Emelianenko as the younger brother of former world’s #1 Mixed Martial Artist Fedor Emelianenko, then you need to watch more fighting, because Aleks has put together quite the career himslf. Despite spending part of his formative years in a Russian prison (for armed robbery), Aleks has mangaed to take marquee victories in MMA organizations like Pride, M-1, and BoDog; he’s also a three time Russian and three time Worlds Combat Sambo (a martial art similar to MMA) Champion; he also has the most terrifying tattoo ever. Yes, we know that he obviously has a bunch of ink, like the two men on horseback on his chest, the tribal/goblin thing on his forearm, and the tribal around his waist/stomach, but seriously folks, look at his back. Yes, you’re not mistaken, that is a Grim Reaper cradling a baby…yes, it’s okay to pee yourself in these situations. We’re not sure exactly what it means, and we don’t even care to find out because that might involve us making eye-contact with Aleks, and that eye-contact might cause the aforementioned pants-wetting, so we’re just going to leave this one alone.

Aleks Emelianenko Back Tattoos

Aleks Emelianenko Body Tatts

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