Alex Pettyfer’s Tattoos

Alex Pettyfer cross

Alex Pettyfer is from England and started out modeling. In 2005 he began acting and just recently has really started rolling, getting prime time Hollywood gigs – the main actor in I am Number Four and in Beastly alongside some other Hollywood big timersInterestingly for us, the character in Beastly has face and neck tattoos (and Arabic script tattooed for eyebrows (who knows what that says?)). But this is supposed to be designed to minimize the impact of the characters scars. We didn’t see the movie so we don’t know what the metallic looking body modification on his face is supposed to be.

The cross tattoo is ok but it looks a little bare. We suggest a swirling circular serpent Celtic mandala to surround the cross with dark green and blue shades. Also, the text on his shoulder could use some kind of framing, a band or design underneath it to give it more of  a substantial look.

He also has something on his wrist and is rumoured to have Arabic script on the inside of his arm but we haven’t found evidence of that one.

Alex Pettyfer Cross Chest

Alex Pettyfer Cross Young

Alex Pettyfer Thank You Tattoo

Alex pettyfer what goes around comes around

Alex’s tattoo states “What goes around, comes around”

pettyfer wrist tattoo

Alex pettyfer beastly tats

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