Alison Eastwood Tattoos

Alison Eastwood New Ink

Allsion Eastwood is a girl with a famous last name. However, Clint Eastwood’s little girl is more than just Hollywood royalty, she’s also an actress, a director, and model who’s worked on films like Absolute Power, and Black and White, and posed in magazines like Vogue. To further stand out from her superstar father, Allison has cultivated a “bad girl” image that includes having some ink. She has very large rose on hr left shoulder, colored and all. She also has a band around her left wrist that she never covers with jewelry. She wears them very well too, walking the line between biker chick and mom very well. Her ink seems to give her a look that says, “I’m tame now, but I haven’t always been an angel.”, a look that suits her perfectly.

alison eatwood violet rose tattoo

Alison Eastwood Shoulder Tattoo

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