Alyssa Milano’s Spiritual Symbols


Hello Mrs. Milano what do we have here but a few spiritual symbols placed here and there. Let us begin with the Buddhist “Hum” she has on her neck. Thumbs up for that one, the style is clear and bold and if you are going to put something on your neck the symbol for universal wisdom, unity and power is a decent choice. She also has an “Om” on one of her wrists to compliment the “Hum”. Right on, we can dig all the Buddhist script characters if that’s what you’re into.  On her right wrist however is a snake that is biting its own tail, also known as the Celtic ouroboros, symbolizing the cycle of life and death. Then on her shoulder some rosary beads and a cross. On her ankle, she has an angel and then there is another angel/faerie on her stomach. Wait a minute, I think she left out a few religions, where is the star of David and some Arabic script? Middle Eastern fans of hers are going to feel left out. And on her other ankle some flowers? How do the flowers fit in? Maybe she started with that one before she decided to go all spiritual on us.

alyssa ourobouros


alyssa milano tats

alyssa ankles

alyssa ankle angel

alyssa flowers