Glee’s Amber Riley Tattoos

Amber Riley Back Tattoo

Amber Riley is best known as ‘Mercedes Jones’ on everybody’s favorite musical where twenty-somethings pretend to be highschool kids, Glee. If you’re a fan, then you’ve seen and heard her belt out performances of “Respect”, “Bust Your Windows”, “Hate on Me”, “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going”, “Beautiful”, “Bridge over Troubled Water”, “I Look to You”, “Hell to the No”, “Ain’t No Way”, “Try a little Tenderness” and “Spotlight”; but did you know she had tattoos? Yup, seeing as how she’s a grown-up and all, she has two pieces of ink on her body. She has the logo for Christian apparel brand Not Of The World on her left wrist (showing her for her spirituality), and a pink and blue hummingbird on her right shoulder blade (showing her love for…humming?). People often seem surprised that the Glee cast have tattoos, but to be honest, we’re more surprised that those oldies don’t have kids.

Amber Riley Wrist Tattoo

Amber Riley Shoulder

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