Amber Rose’s Face Tattoo

Amber Rose Face Tattoo

Okay, so there’s not a single one of us who knows why Amber Rose is famous, other than that she dated Kanye West; she’s apparently a model, but we’ve never really seen her model anything. Anyway, she was out on the town recently with her current rapper/love-of-her-life Wiz Khalifa, and she was sporting a very interesting mark on her face. A mark that looked an awful lot like a face tattoo. He jury is still out as to whether the design around her left eye was drawn on a a fashion accessory, or whether it is a full fledged tattoo, but one this is for sure: it looks bad and she shouldn’t have gotten it. Face tattoos only look good on a select breed of people, and models aren’t part of it.

Amber Rose Tattoos Face

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