American Pickers Danielle Colby Tattoos

Danielle American Pickers Tattoo

American Pickers is a TV show, which features two guys, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz scouring the country looking for antique treasures waiting to be discovered.

Danielle Colby Cushman is another face to add to the American Pickers cast.

Danielle Colby runs the showroom, she’s a throw back of sorts, a mix of old school burlesque with a splash of a hipster vibe.

More than 30 tattoos make up Danielle’s unique collect of body art. All of them are custom pieces with deep personal meaning to Danielle.

Her left arm is dedicated to her father, her son and her obsession with antiques.
Her right arm is dedicated to her daughter and her mother.

Danielle Chest Tattoo Piece

The below pictures shows off Danielle’s huge and colorful chest piece a long with her smaller tattoos that she has on her forearm, hands and fingers.

The chest piece is made up of what looks to be flowers with a leopard skin style background.

Danielle Colby Chest Tattoo

Danielle Colby Lower Back Tattoos

Just look at that artwork on her body. Danielle is sure not shy to show off her hot body when it comes to taking pictures of her ink.

Her neck and lower back tattoos are perfectly placed so that when she is doing burlesque dancing, everyone can see them.

Danielle does a lot of burlesque and other hot dancing, it is one her passions and she can easily get people worked up that watch her.

She goes by the stage name Dannie Diesel.

Danielle Colby Back Tattoo

Danielle Lower Back Tattoo

Stomach Tattoo

Now, Danielle’s stomach tattoo is something quite unbelievable on the eyes.

This is a huge piece, with a lot of detail and color that has gone into it, and i’m sure this piece took many painful hours to complete.

She was recently featured on SmokingSweeties for being a super hot model

Check out the tattooist in action, Danielle’s face expressions make it look like she doesn’t even feel the pain!

danielle colby cushman full stomach tattoo

American Pickers Tattoos

Below are various pictures of Danielle’s other and older tattoos, from her are ink, to the old pictures of what her neck tattoo used to look like before getting it worked on more.

Danielle Colby Back Ink

Danielle Colby Frida Tattoo

Some facts about Danielle.

  • Her very first tattoo was a butterfly done in a tribal style.
  • She credits female tattoo artist Kat Von D for opening up the door to see heavily tattooed women on TV.
  • She was brought up in a Jehovah’s Witnesses family.
  • Danielle was born on December 3, 1975 in Davenport, Iowa.
  • She’s divorced and has two children, a boy and a girl.
  • Before American Pickers, she used to be a professional makeup artist.
  • Suicide Girls wanted Danielle to work for them, she refused.
  • Danielle wanted to open a vintage clothes store.

Hand Tattoos

Danielle has an obession with having her hands and fingers worked on.

On her knuckled she has “Hold Fast” tattooed, and on her finger tips she has “wwd, 2125”

We are unsure what they mean, but they sure do look good!

Danielle Colby Finger Tattoo

Danielle Colby Getting Tattooed

Danielle Colby Knuckle Tattoo

Dannie Diesel

As we mentioned, Danielle loves to dance and be sexy, and she does that very well, there is no debating that.

Her stage name when she is performing is Dannie Diesel, and that is what people know her by in a lot of places.

With the amount of tattoos that Danielle has, it makes her look unique on stage and she rocks her ink in a very hot manner.

danielle colby cushman burlesque

Dannie Diesel Burlesque

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