Angelina Jolie – Enormous Tiger Tattoo and Things Written All Over

One of the world’s most beautiful and talented movie stars (arguably), Angelina Jolie was born June 4th, 1975. She has starred in hits such as Tomb Raider and the comedy Mr. & Mrs. Smith, which also stared her famous husband Brad Pitt. Angelina has numerous tattoos. Many are rather odd but we like that she hasn’t been afraid to remove and redo when necessary, always improving the canvas even if you can see the remnants of the old ink underneath. She has one of her brother’s initial, the letter  “h” located on her left wrist.  The Roman numeral 13 on her left forearm, an Arabic gesture meaning “strength of will”, a Latin cross on her left abdomen, and symbols from the Buddhist prayer which covers up an old Japanese tattoo, which means death. Among her other tattoos are “know your rights”, an Asian tiger (with a dragon underneath), the letter “M”, map coordinations with personal meaning, the words “Quod me nutrit me destriuit”, two sharp edged black tribal symbols, “tears” and “toil”, and small swirly Roman numerals. She had the Billy Bob dragon tattoo on her arm laser removed when she divorced her ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton.

Here’s a look at her before she started seriously:

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