Anna Paquin Tattoos

anna paquin

Anna Paquin has been famous for so long that it’s really easy to think that she’s got to be approaching her forties. However, when you win an Academy Award (for The Piano) at age eleven, you end up barely thirty and having had a long career already. Most people who attained fame so young would’ve had a horrible wild streak, but it seems that the True Blood star chose to be wild in her own ways; one of those expressions of her wild ways comes in the form of the tattoo on her ankle. The X-Men star has a script “A” on her lower leg that very simply represents the first letter of her name. There doesn’t seem to be a particularly complex story behind it or anything, she just wanted a tattoo and wanted to represent herself, so she ended up with an initial. Now that she’s entering motherhood, look for her to either get some ink for her kids, or maybe just never get anything again, but don’t look for her to get anything meaningless in the future.

anna paquin ink

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