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Bret Michaels: His Fans Have His Face Tattooed on Themselves

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Bret Michaels is a B list 80’s rocker who reinvented himself as a self promoting reality star several decades after the hair band music scene died a violent death by grunge music. Although he still tours throughout the year with his 80’s glam band Poison, these days Bret is better known for his numerous TV appearances. He never seems to sit still, always making sure he is in the public’s eye starring in as many reality shows as he can get. This go getter attitude has racked in millions of dollars in earnings for him. It seems like Bret has a new reality show out every other week. ‘Rock of Love with Bret Michaels’, ‘Celebrity Apprentice 3’, ‘Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It’ and his latest ‘Rock My RV” on the Travel channel. Bret is kind of like a hair band cockroach that keeps on surviving decade after decade of getting doused with bug spray over and over again. He’s dodged deaths bullet more than once too. He has lived with Type I diabetes for almost his entire life, it’s almost killed him on several occasions. He also lived through a life threatening brain hemorrhage. The guys a survivor.

Some Bret Michaels Facts:

– His real name is Bret Michael Sychak

– As lead singer of his band Poison he has sold more than 45 million records worldwide

– He was born in Pennsylvania, in the city of Butler, north of Pittsburgh.

– Diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of six.

– Has a line of pet clothing and accessories called Pets Rock

– He has 2 daughters and has their names and birth dates tattooed on his arm.

His list of ink looks like this:

– Back right shoulder says ‘life love tragedy’.

– Music note on his hand

– Left upper arm: Poison badge.

– Right forearm: His daughters names and birthdays: Raine Elizabeth 05-20-00 and Jorja Bleu 05-20-05. there is a star between them.

Upper right arm: Rose with a dagger through it and ribbon that has the words “Every Rose Has its Thorn’.

– Left forearm: Cross with a rose with the words “Something to Believe in”






Bret Michaels fan tattoos.

His fans are fanatical about him. So much so that several have permanently tattooed his face on their body.







John Frusciante: Tattoos of a Former Chili Pepper



John Frusciante will always be best known as the former guitarist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Joining the Chili Peppers at just 18 years old he took the band to a higher level than they had ever been before. His melodic funky style allowed the band to write music outside their comfort zone reaching new audiences.

He played with the group from 1988 until 1992, departing the group due to a serious drug addiction. It was during this time his house burned down seriously burning him. Several of his tattoo’s were seared off requiring skin graphs. He was finally able beat his addiction and returned to the Pepper’s in 1998. This second round with the band lasted until 2009. He recorded a total five studio albums with the group.

Frusciante officially quit the group on July 29, 2009. Josh Klinghoffe was named as his replacement. He explained his departure stating his desire to musically branch out in a different direction than the Chili Pepper’s. In the winter of 2011 the Red Hot Chili Peppers were named inductees for the 2012 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. No one was surprised when he was a no show at the ceremony.

Since his departure he has been collaborating with numerous artists on various projects. He has also been experimenting with electronic music. John has released a couple of solo efforts as well.


Just 18 years old when joining the group, he replaced original guitarist Hillel Slovak who died of a drug overdose. Frusciante was a huge fan of the band before joining the group and knew every one of their songs note for note.









MTV Australia Video Music Awards 2007

John FruscianteFan Tattoo’s





Blake Shelton’s Tattoo Doesn’t Mean Cr*p!



Country singer and celebrity judge on ‘the Voice’ Blake Shelton says his tattoo doesn’t mean cr*p! “I’m just a country boy from Oklahoma” he proclaimed when asked what was his tattoo was, “they’re deer tracks going around my arm” he said they look more like Sugar Smacks and coffee beans. He says the guy tattooing him had no idea how to draw deer tracks so Blake drew a quick sketch of what he thought they looked like to use as a template. Later he got the barbed wire going around his wrist to me the deer tracks less noticeable.




Blake Shelton is married to country singer Miranda Lambert. CLICK HERE TO SEE MIRANDA LAMBERT TATTOO PICTURES


Sean Penn’s Mysterious Tattoos

Sean Penn has always had a strange air of mystery about him; like a muscular, quiet, actor-wizard who just goes around winning Academy Awards and liberating Haiti (we think that’s what he did, we don’t really like to do “research” in the traditional sense). Part of that mystery are the meanings of his tattoos, and even exactly what his tattoos are. We know that the Milk and Gangster Squad star has a kanji on his left arm that means both “sword” and “power”, and we know that he has some kind of demon-thing on one of his forearms. However, we have no idea what else he has; so if there’s any major Sean Penn enthusiasts out there, lend us a hand and give us the scoop. What we do know though, is that he’s probably not done getting ink, as the Tree of Life actor continues to hold onto his youthful ways even as he enters his fifties.


Hilary Duff’s Tattoos

Hilary Duff rose to fame when she was a kid as the star of Lizzie McGuire, but like all child stars, she has tried her best to break the mold of child-actor by doing grown-up things. One of those “grown up things” is getting some tattoos…but grown-up ones…not like Hello Kittys and whatnot. The She Wants Me star has “Let it Be” inked on her ankle, an anchor on her left ankle, and “shine” on her finger, and “ma petite amie ” in script on her right side/rib area. Her tattoos aren’t particularly impressive, but they’re also not particularly bad; they’re just kind of there. Now that she’s a mom, we expect Hilary to get at least one more spot of ink in honor of her child, but nothing major as she’s just not a big-tattoo type of girl. She also might get something done in honor of her husband, NHL star Mike Comrie, but again, it won’t be anything too big or attention grabbing.







Nadya “Octomom” Suleman’s Tattoo

In case you didn’t already know, “Octomom” Nadya Suleman is basically the worst. She has had fourteen children in total (eight at once), all via in-vitro fertilization, and all while she was unemployed and living off the government. She sucks, and so does her tattoo. She has some kind of weird angel thingy that looks like it was drawn by a blind seven year old inked on her back. Seriously, it looks like something you’d find on the back of little kid’s notebook. We’re a pretty objective group here at Celebrity Tattoo Design, so if her ink didn’t stink we’d have to admit it, but wow is it horrible. It is however fitting that one of the worst things to come out of the wierd state of celebrity we currently live in also has one of the worst tattoos we’ve ever seen.


Anna Paquin Tattoos

Anna Paquin has been famous for so long that it’s really easy to think that she’s got to be approaching her forties. However, when you win an Academy Award (for The Piano) at age eleven, you end up barely thirty and having had a long career already. Most people who attained fame so young would’ve had a horrible wild streak, but it seems that the True Blood star chose to be wild in her own ways; one of those expressions of her wild ways comes in the form of the tattoo on her ankle. The X-Men star has a script “A” on her lower leg that very simply represents the first letter of her name. There doesn’t seem to be a particularly complex story behind it or anything, she just wanted a tattoo and wanted to represent herself, so she ended up with an initial. Now that she’s entering motherhood, look for her to either get some ink for her kids, or maybe just never get anything again, but don’t look for her to get anything meaningless in the future.




Danica Patrick’s Tattoo Is Small And Generic


Danica Patrick tends to be a very debated figure in the world of motorsports. She gets credit for being the first woman to ever win an open-wheel race in the elite IndyCar Series, but she also gets over-exposed as a star because of this same fact; often getting press over many of her far more successful male counterparts. There is no doubt that Danica is talented, but she’s not nearly as talented as her fame would suggest; she is however, tattooed, and that’s all we really care about. Danica only has one tattoo that we’re aware of, and it’s in the “tramp stamp” area. The current NASCAR racer has a half American/half checkered flag design with wings on it and stars surrounding it on her mid/lower back. It’s not a terrible tattoo, but it’s also not a very good one; it looks more like something a teenage fan would get that something Danica herself should’ve spent money on.







Tony Parker’s Tattoo…Aren’t Impressive…Or Valid Anymore

It’s hard for us to take Tony Parker seriously, because as we’ve said before, he looks exactly like a giant baby that did a lot of push-ups. Seriously, look at his eye-size-to-face ratio, no matter how many NBA titles he wins, we want to pinch his cheeks and put him a French-flag pattern onesie every time we see him. Not helping him look cool (seriously folks, you know how baby-like you have to be to marry Eva Longoria and dominate in a professional sports and still not look cool?) are his tattoos, which both need to be removed ASAP. For starters, we’re pretty sure he still has the wedding ring ink he got on his finger with his ex-wife Eva; obviously that needs to go. Secondly, he and Longoria also got “Nine” inked on them (on her neck and his hand) during their married years because that’s his jersey number, and while she got hers removed, he still has his. We understand that it’s his number and that if she doesn’t have it anymore, it can technically stay, but it’s a garbage tattoo that needs to be expanded, redone, or removed. Not sure what else we can say folks, but something needs to be done about Tony Parker’s ink.





Flea’s Tattoos

Considered by many to be the greatest base-player in the history of hard-rock music, Flea from The Red Hot Chili Peppers is also a heavily tattooed dude. The rocker with one name has a ton of ink, including: an Aztec mask that covers his entire back, a Celtic Triskele on his chest (it symbolizes perfection and the threefold nature of most Celtic gods), “Loesha” on his chest (his ex-wife’s name), a portrait of Jimi Hendrix on his left shoulder, “Clara” on his left arm (his daughter’s name), elephants making a chain around his left arm, some sort of traditional tribal marking on his left forearm, a snake on his right shoulder, a two-headed snake on his right arm, two dolphins making a circle on his right arm, a Native American bird symbol on his right arm, “LOVE” on his knuckles (both hands, that’s a lot of lovin), “FLEA” on his head, and a little girl drawn by his youngest daughter on his right forearm. The guy has a ton of ink and wears it well, and we’re sure he has even more that we don’t know about.