Bad Idea Of The Day: Kat Von D’s Jesse James Tattoo

Okay, so Kat Von D of Miami Ink and LA Ink fame has a ton of tattoos, we know that and we can discuss that some other time; today we’re here to talk about something way more important than that. Today folks, we’re here to show you the absolutely horrible tattoo that the reality star got while she was dating Jesse James (the American Chopper star who married Sandra Bullock then cheated on her because he was a Nazi…something like that, don’t quote us on the “star” part); it’s of James when he was a little boy, and it’s terrifying. The tattoo, which she hasn’t removed since they broke up, looks like someone didn’t know whether to be Chuck from Child’s Play or a Children of the Corn on Halloween and so they went as both. We’re not sure of this is an insult to Jesse James or the artist who did it, but either way, that thing is ugly and is further proof that you should never get anything too personal about someone else inked on your body.