Bad Tattoo Alert: Rihanna Inks Knuckles

Ummmm…nice tattoo Rihanna. It seems that boredom is catching up with Rihanna, as the “Umbrella” and “Rude Boy” singer is starting to get dumb tattoos. As you can tell from the above pictures, Rihanna got “Thug Life” inked on her knuckles in pink. Don’t get us wrong, when Tupac Shakur inked “Thug Life” across his stomach, it made sense and actually looked pretty cool. However, when a 23 year old girl who has been famous since she was a teenager gets it done in pink-ink…well, it looks a tiny bit really ridiculous. Tribute or not, it’s just not a nice tattoo; it has no real meaning, and getting it in pink takes away any bit of legitimacy it could ever hope to have. We can’t help but think that all she’s doing is tarnishing a rare talent’s legacy in the name of getting attention and feeling cool. Rihanna needs to get back in the studio, or get back on the road before she makes any more tattoo-related mistakes.