Ben Affleck’s Tattoos

We all make mistakes when we’re young, even celebrities…especially celebrities. The same gusto it takes to make it big in Hollywood is often the same gusto it takes to say…get some bad ink done when you’re a teen. Take Ben Affleck for example, although he was great in The Town, has movies like Argo coming up, was the bomb in Phantoms, and captivated us all in The Voyage of the Mimi (which we though was a real documentary when we were kids… stupid misleading science teacher); he still found time to get tattoos that he regrets. He’s stated before that he wants to get rid of them, but so far they’re still there, and they include: barb wire (right bicep; although he seems to have covered that up with a new piece), a dolphin (somewhere on his body, it covers up the name of his High School girlfriend),a huge cross (left arm), a fish intertwined with a skull and crossbones (right arm), and the initials “OV” with “MOH NON TE” written above it and “TA OR” underneath it (shoulder blade). That’s some collection, but we have to imagine that if he really didn’t want them anymore, he’d use some of his millions to get rid of them, so he must have some attachment, like that old shirt you won’t throw away, or your grandma.

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