Benji Madden’s Tattoos

Benji Madden, the guitarist for Good Charlotte, shows what a little color can do.

Now we can see that we don’t have to be stuck with dull black, dark green and blue. Hurray for him.

I always wonder why most people choose such colorless tats. It does take a little more time in the salon to get those colors strong and keep them fresh.

Benji Madden Neck Tattoo

Benji is now 32, and his arms are fairly solidly colored – yellow, red, blue, orange and purple.

He does have some space on his chest and torso for some more coloring.

On his neck is a big praying Mary on one side a big Jesus on the other.

On his left arm he has the scene of the Last Supper.

Benji Madden Arm Tattoo

He does have some cartoonish tats that I can’t imagine anyone will want to look at for a lifetime but maybe those can be re-worked.

On his back you would never guess who he’s got on there – an enormous Benjamin Franklin. Style points for that. Was it because he was named after old Franklin?

Benji Madden’s Head Tattoo

benji madden head tattoo

Benji Madden has transformed into more of a celebrity rich guy in recent years.

Plenty of younger people no longer know him for his music and instead only know him as the guy married to Cameron Diaz with all the money.

Well now they’ve got another reason to know him: he’s got a huge head tattoo!

benji madden head tattoo picture

The new ink looks like some kind of geometrical illuminate symbol thing.

It’s a bunch of triangles attached to a skull…basically.

It’s a little more intricate than that, but we’re not quite sure what it’s supposed to represent.

It’s well done actually, I’m just not a fan of the placement or the vague subject matter.

Congrats either way Benji!

benji madden head tattoo pics

Madden Shows His Love For Diaz In Ink

Benji Madden Tattoo

The rocker had the name “Cameron” tattooed across his chest in honor of his wife Cameron Diaz (“Annie”, “Being John Malcovich”, “Bad Teacher”), and while it’s a well done piece of body art, I’m never too huge of a fan of the idea in general.

benji madden tattoo cameron diaz

In his defence, Madden has a ton of ink already, so even if he turns out regretting his new ink because of a divorce, at least it will just kind of blend in with the rest of his tats and make for an easy cover up.

The same can’t be said for people like Dean Mcdermott, that dude has a big ole’ Tori Spelling face on his arm…for the rest of his life…forever.

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