Blink 182 – Punk Pop and Tattoos

Mark Hoppus, Tom Delonge, and Travis Barker. Any one of those names should make you think of one thing. No, not a new all-male Charlies Angels; you should be thinking one word and three numbers: Blink 182. The punk-rock legends have been in the game for almost twenty years, and although they’ve had their ups and downs (most notably an “indefinite hiatus” from 2005 to 2008, and Travis Barker’s near fatal plane crash), they are still going strong in the music game. Another thing they’ve gone strong at? Tattoos. The whole band, probably more-so Barker and Delonge, are covered in ink. Hoppus, so far, as far as we know only has a couple of tattoos, one on each of his wrists. But anyway, we would like to present our up-and-coming lifetime band tattoo achievement award (that I just made up and that I will call a “TattyBand”) to Blink 182, for their excellence in being a fully functioning and successful group of men who are covered in tattoos, but don’t have any really cheesy ones (Note: I said “really cheesy”, Barker has got some winners, but nothing too dumb). Congrats guys, enjoy your made up award!