Brandon Jennings Really Likes Chicken And Waffles; His New Tattoo Proves It

brandon jennings roscoes tattoo

We can’t help but love this tattoo for the sheer brashness and absurdity of it; there’s almost nothing to even say about it…but we shall try. What you’re looking at below is Milwaukee Bucks guard Brandon Jennings new Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles dedicated tattoo, marvel at it folks. Growing up in Compton, California, Jennings probably had many a meal at the legendary hub of delicious fried chicken and doughy goodness. So now that he’s a big NBA star who scores fifty points in one game and rocks awesome flat-top haircuts just for the hell of it, he’s decided to honor his love of flour and fowl by inking the restaurant’s logo on his arm. Go ahead and say it nay-sayers; “He’s going to regret it someday blah blah blah”. What’s he going to regret? Loving delicious food? Exactly, that’s what we thought…dummy. Jennings has a bunch of tattoos, but in light of the epic coolness of this particular one, the others will go unspoken of.

brandon jennings roscoes arm tattoo

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