Brendon Urie Piano Keyboard Tattoo

Brendon Urie the 24 year old Mormon musician from Nevada and from the band Panic! can apparently play every instrument in existence (piano, guitar, cello, violin, accordion, wind instruments, etc, oh yeah he’s the vocalist and songwriter too). One of those instruments is the piano so it makes sense that he represents his musical talents with giant piano keys on his arm. On the elbow it blends into a nice big flower and he has a little red coloring on either side of the piano keys. So what we would suggest for him is to keep adding instruments into a kind of orchestra mural with flying musical notes in different colors coming out of trumpets and violins and whatnot. His whole body covered in a consistent musical theme would be something unique he could do instruments in different styles and/or famous musicians like Dizzy Gillespie, Ozzy, Beethoven, etc. But anyway the piano keyboard is a good start and we’ll see where he gets to with it.