Bryan Cranston Breaks Tattoo Drought; It Isn’t Bad


There’s no doubt about it folks, it’s always going to be weird that the dad from “Malcolm in the Middle” is Walter White from “Breaking Bad”. What’s not weird is how friggin’ talented the guy happens to be; Bryan Cranston is easily one of the best television actors of his generation, no matter who he plays. We like to not think about his days as the dad on the overrated Frankie Muniz vehicle, but instead fondly remember that he was once Tim Wattley on “Seinfeld” (afterall, we’re not anti-dentites) and how great he was in that small role. Anyhow, Cranston has dominated the screen playing the aforementioned White on “Breaking Bad”, easily one of the best shows to ever hit television screens, and as the show winds down its final season, the “Drive” star has decided to commemorate the experience with some ink. Cranston got the show’s logo, the “BrBa” periodic table sign on his finger, where ot’s not super obvious, but where he can see it everyday and be happy that it’s there. In an interview, Cranston said that every time he catches a glimpse of the tattoo, he gets a smile on his face because of all his fond memories. Other members of the cast and crew got the same piece put on them (we think that costar Aaron Paul is included in this group) , as they all shared an experience for the llast few years that go down in television history. The final ten episodes of the show have drawn a ton of speculation, and have become some of the most anticipated minutes of television in history. In the era of DVRs and Netflix, they show has remained appointment television, and that’s due in no small part to Cranston’s work as the main character. With so much invested in the program, and with it being such a big deal, it’s no wonder he wanted to put it on his body forever. Besides, the guy is almost sixty and he’s worth a zillion dollars, it’s not like he’s not going to get a job at Kinko’s because of his tats. More power to you Bryan! It may be tiny, but we fully approve of you new piece of body art!