Calvin Johnson’s Religious Tattoos

Calvin Johnson Arm Tattoos

Calvin Johnson of the NFL’s Detroit Lions has a few things going for him; off the top of our heads; he is one of the most talented men to ever play wide receiver in the league, he’s rich, his team is getting better, he’s got one of the coolest nicknames ever (Megatron), and to top it all off he’s got some really nicely done ink. The Pro-Bowl wide-out has half sleeves on both arms, both with what appear to be religious scenes. One has the site of the biblical crucifixion, and the other has something that appears to involve angel wings (we could be totally wrong though). Either way, they’re both really well done. He got them at Tattoos By Randy in Atlanta, GA (US). Oh yeah, did we mention that his nickname is “Megatron”, live the Transformer? We did? Oh, well screw it, you should hear that twice; it’s awesome.

calvin johnsons big tattoos

Calvin Johnson Cross Tattoo

Calvin Johnson Wings Tattoo

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