Aaron Carter’s Original Tattoos

Aaron Carter is a teen pop singer, brother of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter. At 23, he has already been through a month long Betty Ford Center treatment program. He has been busy adding tattoos to his collection. At last count there were 8 and each of them is claimed to be originally designed. For the most part none of them features any color of note. There is a little blue used on the sun blades on his back but the rest are only black ink on white skin. We can see the retro purity of that decision but at the same time a little color can add a lot to the art.

The most visible tat is the angel which covers the top of his left forearm. The angel has slightly Manga looking cartoonish features, a fifties hairstyle and some rather conservative clothing. Her feet disappear into clouds and her wings look like natural bird wings.

We’re not sure how he can claim the nautical star on the inside of his right forearem is an original design, that is pretty commonly seen, supposedly because it has a number seven encircled in the middle of it.

Now on his back there is something interesting. What is it? A skull or a sun? Blue blades of ice or flames? It is a bit sloppy, shapeless and with wrinkles on the forehead. This space is a nice large spot in the middle of his back and there could be some improvements to this sub par tattoo. We would definitely like to see a re-work on that one. How old was he when he got that anyway it looks like he might have been 12 when it first appeared, maybe a twelve year old drew it.