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Chris Brown’s Crazy New Ink

Chris Brown already has a bunch of tattoos, but much like assault charges, he’s still find room for more. The “Look At Me Now” and “Beautiful People” artist/girl punch/Drake fighter recently got two new tattoos in a ten day span, and both of them are a bit ridiculous. First up, he went and got his neck inked; it’s a nicely done tattoo, but we’re not really sure we get it, seeing as “it” is “an Indian Cheif tranforming into a wolf”. Is it supposed to be a representation of the two sides of his personality? Well then the wolf almost makes sense (we would’ve gone with hyenna), but that would mean that the other side of Chris is…in charge of a tribe? Wise? Owner of a casino? It’s really a mixed message. The other new tattoo, which appears to be on his back or forearm is a little more straight forward, but just as dumb; it’s Brown himself wearing a painter’s mask. It’s called “The Bandit” and represents his new love of art. Whatever man, way to put yourself on yourself un-ironically… what a nerd.

Mia Tyler Tattoo Obsessed

Mia Tyler is obsessed with music and tattoos. Given who her father is, Steven Tyler, it makes sense that she really digs rock and punk rock but why tattoos? She is one of those that once they’ve got started there’s no stopping. She’s got them everywhere – hands, feet, sleeves, legs, back and she doesn’t even know how many. And we’ve got plenty of pictures because she is a model and doesn’t mind showing them off. Its starts to blur because when you have so many because you start to add little things to them, change or add different colors, blend different ones together, and add designs in between to balance things out. She even has tattoo parties where she and her friend take turns on each other. But she’s only 32 and there is a lot of space left on her skin canvas so we can continue to watch the evolution. Next up is her chest she has said. The challenge starts to be how do you fit all these things together? For example, when you have oriental themed something and a faerie what can you put in between? Well, thats art. The work on her right arm sleeve around the shoulder faerie turned out well. The flowers and colors have a nice aged classic look. The worst one is the face on her foot. What is that? and it is solid ink so I don’t know how she is going to work with it.



















Nikki Sixx: His Body is a Canvas of Tattoos


He’s known best as a rock star, playing bass in Motley Crue and Sixx A.M., a radio host with his own show Sixx Sense, a photographer and a best selling author. But rock legend Nikki Sixx is also known for something else.. Being covered in tattoos. He quickly got hooked to tattoos in his early Hollywood days when he was a struggling musician. Back then it was rare to have a tattoo. They were mostly seen on bikers and convicts. Not too many rockers had them. Nikki started with a stand alone tattoo on his right upper arm, a bleeding rose with a spiderweb, He then got an evening moon with a small flying bat. Later he added the name of the band Mötley Crüe to it. In just a short while he had tattoos on both arms and his forearm. In the begging he favored the Japanese style tattoos and even got a couple in Japan using the traditional method of a human powered stick and needle over an electric machine. Ouch! Over the years has slowly turned his body into a human canvas with a mix and match of Japanese,  old school and realistic styles. He was once asked by Howard Stern if he regretted having so many tattoos, Nikki laughed and said “never”.


Nikki Sixx Fast Facts

Nikki’s real name is Frank Carlton Serafino Feranna, Jr.

He was born on December 11, 1958 in San Jose, California.

He has 4 children. A daughter and two sons with his 1st wife, Playboy Playmate Brandi Brandt, and a daughter with his 2nd wife, Bay Watch star Donna D’Errico.

He dated tattoo artist Kat Von D for a couple of years. She re-colored and re-styled many of his old faded tattoos making them look brand new again.

Nikki recently got married for a 3rd time to model Courtney Bingham.

Mötley Crüe announced that 2015 will be their final tour. The last show is set for New Years eve 2015.

There are rumors floting on the web that Nikki wears a full wig. What do you think? (Click Here for Nikki Sixx Bald Article)

Nikki Sixx’s Extensive Tattoos







Nikki’s tribute to band mate Mick Marks. Tattoo by Kat Von D





Travis Barker – Cadillac, Boom Box, Flags and Full Color Tattoos


If anyone deserves a tattoo review here is the man. California native, aged 35, he is well on his way to filling up the body canvas. With his wealth of designs, he blesses the covers of tattoo magazines. This is none other than the punk pop drummer Travis Barker, drummer for Blink 182. He has also recently released a solo album Give the Drummer Some where he mixes it up with some other players in his music genre. It has some heavy riffs, hip hop raps, and don’t forget the drums and beats.

Well, this drummer has got some ink. Great color combinations in swirling intricate designs pretty evenly spaced out across his torso and arms up to the side of his head. No doubt he has been taking advantage of good quantity and quality of tattoo artists in the LA area. Facing forward most prominent is the stereo boob box on his stomach, Marilyn Monroe in the center of his neck and the checkered flags on either side of Marilyn. Just below “can I say” is the Cadillac emblem. Cadillac is also written on his side in letters as big as possible. “Hope” on his lower back is written as large possible too. On his right shoulder he has a woman’s face with her blue hair swirling into other organic designs. The dominant themes are scripts, stars and the colors.





hope and star















can say cadillac


boom box




can i say