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Drake+Ink = Drinks?

drake-face-tatYou can’t write an article about Drake’s tattoos without mentioning two things: he was the kid from Degrassi, and a fan once inked his name on her friggin’ forehead. That’s her in the picture above, and she always needs to be mentioned, because until the day the “Started From The Bottom” rapper tattoos “That Girl Who Tattooed My Name On Her Face” on his own forehead, no body art related to Drake will ever top her tat. So now that her permanent mark of fandom and his former life as a teen actor are out of the way, let’s talk about the ink that adorns the body of the popular hip-hop act…drake-416-tattooLet’s start with his dual hometown/favorite singer tribute, the “416” on his side. The ink not only represents the area code of his hometown of Toronto, Ontario Canada, it also is shaded so as to represent “116”, the birthday (January 16th) of late singer Aaliyah, whose work Drake is an admittedly huge fan of. She also appears on his back piece, but we’ll get to that a little later. The rib work is actually very well done, and has a nice little meaning to it, it huge too, unlike his arm work…drake-all-kinds-tattooNext up we have the little piece of ink that sits on the inside of his right arm, which was apparently his first. The tat says “All Kinds”, which seems to be short for “It takes all kinds.”, a cliched statement that Drake and his buddies apparently use pretty often. There’s nothing wrong with the ink, it’s just kind of small and makes us worry that Drake thinks he made that phrase up. Anyhow, back to the back…drake-back-tattooYup, that’s Drake’s back, which appears to have a portrait of Aaliyah (he intends to release an album with the deceased icon through the magic of music production at some point), a portrait of his mom, a portrait of his late uncle, a portrait of his grandma, a dove, and an owl that looks like the robot from the original “Clash Of The Titans”. It’s all nicely done work, and all of it means a lot to the “Best I Ever Had” singer, so we’re cool with his back piece(s)…well all of them except…drake-houston-star-tattooThat looks a lot more like the old Tommy Hilfiger logo than anything representing Houston (that’s what it’s supposed to be), but it takes all kinds, right?drake-tattoo-father-mugshotSpeaking of all kinds, Drake’s father has spent a good portion of the Canadian star’s life in and out of prison, so as a tribute to a man he has an admittedly strained relationship with, he has a mini-portrait of his dad’s mugshot on his arm. It’s actually a cool little piece and it’s always nice to see people bonding through ink, so we’re like it, we don’t like his most recent tattoo though…drake-emoji-tattooLook, we have no problem with the little blurb, we have a small problem with someone referring to themselves as “6 God” (that’s what the “6” represents), and we have a big problem with someone representing something as complex as their religious views with a friggin’ Emoji. Yeah, that’s what that is, and we don’t like it, but again, it takes all kinds…is that joke dead yet? Anyhow, Drake’s overall body of tattoo work is pretty solid, so we give him props for most of his art and the meanings behind it, but this last one makes us question his decision making process, so we wouldn’t be surprised is someday his face tattoo is the first thing we talk about when we reference him. Time will tell is he ever surpasses his fan’s face tat, but until then…it takes all kinds! Yeah! One more for the road!

More Ink for JWOWW

Alright folks, so this isn’t the first time we’ve told you about a member of the Jersey Shore cast getting inked, but it’s the first time we’ve told you about JWoww getting tattoos…since the last time we told you about JWoww getting tattoos. Either way, adding to the collection of ink that we’ve already told you about, the Jersey girl has two new big pieces on her body. First she got the one on her right shoulder while she was in Italy; it’s a tribute to her grandma. It’s a nice tribute piece that features praying hands and a cross, as well as the words “RIP” and “OMA” (that’s what she called her grandma). After that came her most recent work, a huge tiger on her right hip that’s meant to act as the second half of a yin-yang/good-evil symbol; the first half being the big dragon she has on her ribs. This piece is also well done, and sits well on her body. JWoww is pretty heavily inked at this point, but all of her work is well placed and all of it looks great on her. We don’t see her getting too much more done, as she’s running out of prime real estate and doesn’t seem like she wants to move onto her arms.

Snooki’s Newest Tattoo

First one tattoo, then weight loss, soon a boob job, and now another tattoo? It would seem that Snooki is basically trying to become J-Woww (bet you the guys that invented the English language never thought that would be a sentence). The oompa-loompa-ish star of Jersey Shore hit up the tattoo parlor again recently and got some more work done. She got some stars with leopard print to match the stars that she has on her left shoulder (we’re not sure when she got the design on her left shoulder, but it must be sometime after the larger tattoo she had put there recently), and they look…boring. As with most tattoos that party girls and guys with spikey hair get, they’re very generic and seem to signify less of deeper meaning, and more of a “Hey look! I have tattoos!”. We’re pretty sure that she puts zero thought into what she gets put on her body; she just closes her eyes and points at a random page in the book.

Chuck Liddell’s Tattoos Insure He Will Always Be Scary

It takes a special kind of person to get a tattoo on his or her head, and that special kind of person is usually especially frightening; so even though he is no longer a high level Mixed Martial Artist, Chuck Liddell’s head tattoo makes sure he will always be intimidating. However, the former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Light-Heavyweight Champion of the World and UFC Hall of Famer’s ink actually has a niver meaning. In Liddell’s own words, “It says Koei-Kan which is the martial arts style I started in first. It means a place of peace and prosperity.”. Liddell also has a creepy looking fighter-guy on his shoulder that says “Kempo” (another martial art) under it, and that one is their just to show his love for the art that made him millions and madehim a legend. Chuck Liddell may not be on top anymore, but his tattoos will forever be champions in our book, and we still wouldn’t want to run into him a dark ally…he seems to nice to hurt us, but now that we’ve wrote this, it might be awkward.

Maroon 5’s Adam Levine Loves His Mom, Music, And Ink

As the lead singer of ulra-popular pop/rock quintet Maroon 5, Adam Levine has won multiple Grammy Awards; hit the top of the charts with songs like “This Love”, “Harder To Breathe”, and “Wake Up Call”; and secured himself a gig as a vocal coach on the hit reality show The Voice. Adam Levine is a full fledged rock star, and part of being a rock star is getting tattoos, and Levine has done that plenty. Amongst his tattoos are a tribute to his mom on his left forearm, triple “2”s on is forearm to represent the first studio Maroon 5 recorded in, a paw print, a shark representing his nickname, “Los Angeles” on his right shoulder to represent his hometown, a guitar on his forearm, a large tiger on his forearm, the roman numeral “X” to celebrate his bands ten year anniversary, a dove and cherry blossoms in rememberance on 9/11, a a bird on his sternum (perhaps to commemorate when he broke it), and some other various designs throughout his body.


Chris “Birdman” Andersen Is Covered In Ink

Chris “Birdman” Anderson of the National BasketBall Association’s (NBA) Denver Nuggets is easily one of our favorite players, for many reasons. There’s his hard-nosed style of play, his “good but not great, and therefore attainable” level of skill, his crazy on the court antics, and most of, there’s the fact that he’s covered in tattoos. His newest, and most blatant, piece of ink is the “Free Bird” piece that wraps around his neck; it’s both well done, and painful, which makes it a ‘win’ in our book. He also has his bird wings, one on each bicep; a zombie version of himself, on his arm; a skull wearing a crown on his arm; two large Chinese characters, one on each forearm; a pit bull on his chest; “Honky Tonk” on his stomach; and a guy dunking a ball on his right arm. Birdman is definitely on the NBA’s “most tattooed” list, and considering how many guys in the league have ink, that’s a pretty impressive accomplishment.

Shania Twain and Her Gigantic Colorful Tats

Here is Shania Twain with some awesome huge dragons on her chest and arms. Sike! They’re not real. We wish they were. Maybe if she got enough fan mail complimenting the beautiful dragon designs and encouraging her to go ahead and get them really done? Probably not. Notice the big dragon would be over one of her breasts. You don’t see that too often on women, it wouldn’t be much fun. Below is another fake, a tiger this time. But she does have an actual tattoo, that being a heart with a sword going through it. That is appropriate for her as she had a troubled marriage and it’s good material for country music too.

CM Punk’s Many Tattoos

CM Punk is one of the most famous and highly touted professional wrestlers in the entire World Wrestling Entertainment Universe; he’s also one the most tattooed. His extensive ink includes: the Cobra logo on his right shoulder (from G.I. Joe), the markings of the Arashikage ninja clan on his right forearm (also from G.I. Joe), the Pepsi logo on his left shoulder, four ace cards (part of a piece he calls “Luck is for Losers”, and a tribute to his trainer Ace Steel), a three-eyed Koi Fish, a spider web with the number 13 in the middle (he says 13 is his lucky number), a Bouncing Souls (the band) logo consisting of a broken heart and skyscrapers, “DRUG FREE” across his knuckles, a Rocket From The Crypt (band) logo, “Straight Edge” on his stomach, a pez dispenser, Operation Ivy’s “Dancing Ska Man” on his leg, Rosie the Riveter with the words “There is a war” below her, “No Gimmick Needed” on his hand, a skull and dragon piece on his chest, a dead fish on his back, and some other random tattoos that represent his straight edge/ punk rock lifestyle.

Calvin Johnson’s Religious Ink

Calvin Johnson of the NFL’s Detroit Lions has a few things going for him; off the top of our heads; he is one of the most talented men to ever play wide receiver in the league, he’s rich, his team is getting better, he’s got one of the coolest nicknames ever (Megatron), and to top it all off he’s got some really nicely done ink. The Pro-Bowl wide-out has half sleeves on both arms, both with what appear to be religious scenes. One has the site of the biblical crucifixion, and the other has something that appears to involve angel wings (we could be totally wrong though). Either way, they’re both really well done. He got them at Tattoos By Randy in Atlanta, GA (US). Oh yeah, did we mention that his nickname is “Megatron”, live the Transformer? We did? Oh, well screw it, you should hear that twice; it’s awesome.

Axl Rose’s 80s Tats are Colorful and Sharp

You know the front man for Guns N’ Roses has to have some tattoos. You might expect to see some guns or some roses or both. And yes! he has a big blue rose on one shoulder. Sorry no luck on the guns but what he does have is the Appetite for Destruction logo on his forearm although it has gotten a little faded and blurry and looks like a green blob. We’re glad he chose to get the logo for that album and not the one for The Spaghetti Incident. Also, there is a cool 1980s-looking, big-hair woman on his arm. His tats are sharply done and have some bright red, blue, green and yellow coloring. They mark Axl in his place in time as an 80s rocker and we like it.

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