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Adam Levine Gets New Huge Back Tattoo

Maroon 5 leader and ‘the Voice’ coach Adam Levine just got some new ink, and it’s huge. Already heavily inked, Adam added an awesome back piece from tattoo artist Bryan Randolph. Adam posted this picture on his instagram account showing the new black and grey art work which is now permanent part of his body. The tattoo is of a mermaid holding a skull has an old school look. You can check out Bryan’s work at his website


Maroon 5’s Adam Levine Loves His Mom, Music, And Ink

As the lead singer of ulra-popular pop/rock quintet Maroon 5, Adam Levine has won multiple Grammy Awards; hit the top of the charts with songs like “This Love”, “Harder To Breathe”, and “Wake Up Call”; and secured himself a gig as a vocal coach on the hit reality show The Voice. Adam Levine is a full fledged rock star, and part of being a rock star is getting tattoos, and Levine has done that plenty. Amongst his tattoos are a tribute to his mom on his left forearm, triple “2”s on is forearm to represent the first studio Maroon 5 recorded in, a paw print, a shark representing his nickname, “Los Angeles” on his right shoulder to represent his hometown, a guitar on his forearm, a large tiger on his forearm, the roman numeral “X” to celebrate his bands ten year anniversary, a dove and cherry blossoms in rememberance on 9/11, a a bird on his sternum (perhaps to commemorate when he broke it), and some other various designs throughout his body.