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Aimee Sweet’s Spade Tattoo

If there’s one job that having a very visible tattoo won’t get you fired from, it’s adult entertainment. Aimee Sweet is in luck, because that’s the main thing that the model and actress is known for: her adult film career. Surprisingly enough, the tall, red haired beauty, who has appeared in Perfect 10, High Society, Leg World, Club, and Penthouse magazines, only has one tattoo. She has a fairly large, but not huge, spade symbol on her right hip/lower abdominal area, and that’s it. She wears the tattoo well, and proves that you don’t have to be distasteful to be dirty. The spade comes from the deck of cards and symbolizes the feminine and strength. Is she the Ace of Spades? Where is the Queen of Hearts? Wouldn’t that be more appropriate? Maybe she’s a gambler and when her adult career is over she can concentrate on the tables in Las Vegas, flipping over spades, aces, and all the cards in just the right order to rake in the chips.