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Amanda Seyfried’s Foot Tattoo Is Inapropriate, Also Awesome

It’s official, Les Miserables’ Amanda Seyfried is our favorite person in the entire world; that’s counting our mothers and former NBA great John Stockton, and we really love John Stockton. The Lovelace star got a very…ummmm…”in character” tattoo on her foot that says “Minge”, which is a slang term for lady parts. The ink was inspired by her Mamma Mia! co-star Colin Firth, who apparently used to say it all the time on set…while the filmed a musical based on ABBA songs; how’s that for out of place? It’s a bit crass, but we’re really impressed with the guts that it took for a popular young actress to get a vagina-themed tattoo. She also doesn’t hide it, which makes it even more impressive. On a side note, when we first heard that she has a vagina-themed tattoo, we made some pretty gross assumptions; needless to say, we’re happy that we were wrong, if just for the sake of our ability to post pictures.