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Ashlee Simpson Has a Big Peony

Ashlee Simpson, also known as Ashlee Nicole Wentz, (formally married to Pete Wetntz), was born October 3rd, 1984 and best known as the little sister of pop star Jessica Simpson.  Ashlee has her share of tattoos. On the inside of her left wrist Ashlee has a tattoo of a star, and close by on the other side of her left wrist is a picture of a peony (a flower not a pony, a pony would be nice too, although the peony isn’t bad). Ashlee also has on the inside of her right wrist the words LOVE 3, and on her right ankle is a tattoo of cherries; at least we know she is not impartial to fruits. She is sentimental however, because on Ashlee Simpson ring finger is a tattoo of a small wedding ring with a heart.