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Ashley Scott’s Phoenix and Whoops Tattoo

Born In Louisiana in 1977, Ashley Scott has made her mark on the acting world in the last decade with roles on television series like Birds of Prey, Jericho and Dark Angel, and in films like Into the Blue and Walking Tall. However, a tattoo artist made his mark on her body long before that. Ashley has two tattoos: the first of which being a phoenix on her lower back that she got when she was only 16! It features the Chinese symbols for strength, destiny, love, and courage, and was done by an unspecified cast member from Miami Ink before he was famous. Good work, people can’t usually be trusted to make tasteful decisions at 16 but this one worked out. Her other tattoo is equally interesting, but for somewhat negative reasons. It’s a simple piece on the back of her neck that has a little flower and her initials… from when she was married to her now ex-husband. Yup, she has “A.S.R.” on her neck, and it stands for “Ashley Scott-Rhulen”, whoops. More power to her though for not trying to get a cover-up and not having it removed. It would be off balance if she just removed it. She might be waiting for the new man, if his last name starts with “R” then everything is dandy, if not, she can have it lazered and changed to another letter. If she needs to change it to “P” or “B” no problem. Some letters like “Q” or “W” will take a little more effort. Either way, she’s a gorgeous girl, inaccurate tattoo and all.