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Ashton Kutcher Still Has Fans, And They’re Crazy

Uhhhhh…that’s creepy…and somewhat illiterate. It looks like despite his recent marital troubles (having sex with everyone you can except your wife counts as “marital troubles” right?), Two And A Half Men star Ashton Kutcher still has some die-hard fans out there. The photo above if of the back of a Brazilian woman who claims to be his #1 fan, and to prove it, she’s inked “Ashton Kutcher i love you, love is forever fan love you” [sic] on herself…of course she did. We’ve yet to figure out whether the message is a typo, a translation issue, or if she’s half yoda; but regardless, the tattoo looks ridiculous and fairly insane. You know what’s even crazier? While researching¬† this article, we found a pic of another die-hard Kutcher fan who put his face on their arm! Who does that? How does the annoying guy from the camera ads impact you enough to warrant a body-art tribute? What happened? The tattoo shop didn’t have the right ink to do a proper Hamburglar tat?