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Brandon Boyd – Mandala, Om, Flying Things and a Peacock

things with wings

California native Brandon Boyd is a musician and visual artist (mostly a painter). He is best known of course as the singer for the band Incubus. As an artist we expect some decent tattoos from him and truth be told he has designed some decent ones. In red, in ancient Buddhist script, he has written the sacred chant “Om Mani Padme Hum” that is translated in various ways. The choice of red here works well in contrast with the rest of the tats on the same arm and in contrast with his other arm. Continuing with the Indian theme, he has a flowery mandala on the other side of the Om, with some more script characters inside the flower petals. Towards his wrist, he has some thick circles-within-circles design. And there is another one of a stylized fish in a circle.

On the other arm is an elaborate peacock and a portrait of what looks like a monk contemplating something. On his back he has a big flying pyramid with the “all seeing eye” in it, kind of like the dollar bill except this one has big wings. We leave it for you to speculate about what this symbolizes. Below that is another winged, flying creature. The question we have is why is the flying creature so close to the flying pyramid, smashed up right under the wings of the pyramid? There seems to be more space available. One possibility is that he plans to put more tattoos below and to the right of the pyramid making a rounded symmetrical shape out of the 3-4 tattoos. That might work.

winged pyramid


boyd red forearm


om padme


in the tattoo parlor getting inked


vim carlo








hands behind back


hands up