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Somebody Got A “RIP Brian” Tattoo…Too Soon


Once again folks, we have to start out this article by pointing out that we’re all for stupid tattoos…because we’re about to give someone guff for getting one. For starters, let’s give you a “Family Guy” SPOILER ALERT so that the armies of the interweb don’t mount up against us. Did you heed our warning? If you did, you’re not even reading this part, so this doesn’t make sense to be writing…sorry, the entire office just got a headache. Anyhow, most of you know that a recent episode of the hit Seth Mcfarlain cartoon series saw the brutal death of beloved family dog Brian Griffin. He got hit by a car and was replaced by a dog named Vince, but you know that already, and you also know that within a month, a Christmas wish from baby genius Stewie brought him back to the land of the living. Most people saw this coming, because as the shows creator himself pointed out, they’d have to be high to kill off Brian. However, despite the less than one month turn around from death the resurrection, at least one loyal fan decided to memorialize the fallen pooch on his body. Yup, despite it being a cartoon known for its lack of continuity, and despite the rumors from day one that Brian would be brought back (episode synopsis alone all but screamed out that he’d be back), somebody decided to get a picture of him with “RIP” under it. In the guy’s defense, it’s a great looking piece, but it’s just not very accurate. If he loves the show enough to get that tattoo, he must’ve known that Brian would be coming back, so maybe he just didn’t care, or lost a bet, or won a bet, or had a friend named “Brian” and wanted to link the two; whatever his reasoning, that thing is there for life, so we hope he likes it. We’d love to know if he’s going to edit it, maybe switch the “RIP” to “TRIP”, because maybe that’s what he was on when he made the decision to get it. Zing! Take that random guy from the internet!