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Bruce Willis’ Ho Hum Tattoos

You know, for a man known for being an on-screen tough guy in films like Die Hard, Armageddon, Tears Of The Sun, The Expendables, and Looper, Bruce Willis isn’t very heavily tattooed; and what he has, isn’t very impressive. The coolest piece of ink that Willis has is the skull on his left arm…that they drew on everyday as part of his role as John McClane in the Die Hard movies. In real life, Bruce Willis has only gotten three tattoos; the first of which, three stars on his left shoulder, is covered up by one of his other two. Now on his left shoulder and chest; he has three angels battling it out, which while the work is nothing special, it’s nicely done. He also has a dragon on his right shoulder, which like the work on his left side, is nice but unimpressive. So folks, while Bruce Willis has had an awesome career as an actor, his career as a tattooed guy hasn’t fared as well, we have a feeling he still finds a way to sleep at night though.