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Cain Velasquez Shows Love Of Heritage With His Ink

Cain Velasquez is basically the toughest man on the planet that’s not carrying a gun. The Ultimate Fighting Championship’s Heavyweight Champion of the World has never lost a fight in his entire MMA career and has molly-whopped just about everyone he’s ever faced. He can do it all; he can kickbox, he can wrestle, he can grapple; he can even get tattoos. To date, the headliner of the first ever UFC on FOX fight card only has two pieces of ink on his body, but they’re both pretty big and pretty visible. On the right sie of his torso, he has some religious iconography, which is very well done and very intricate. He also has a huge “BROWN PRIDE” banner going across his chest; the tattoo symbolizing his love for his Mexican-American heritage. We’re not sure if he’s going to be getting anymore ink in the future, but he seems like a likely candidate to get more work done, so we’ll keep you posted.