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Celebs Get Ink In Weird Spots Sometimes

zac-efron-yolo-tattooCelebrities love to get ink, that’s a fact, but sometimes they get it in slightly abnormal places, like Zac Efron here. The “Neighbors” star went out and got “YOLO” (You Only Live Once) tattooed on the side of his of his hand, which is a weird place for multiple reasons, not the least of which is how easy it is to wear off ink from that spot. He’s got nothing on Miley Cyrus though…miley-cyrus-feet-tattooThe girl behind  “Wrecking Ball” and the master of all that is bad twerking, the former Hannah Montana got “Rolling” and “$tone” inked on her feet. Why is this weird? Because she decided to get them put on the bottom of her hooves instead of the top…so the tattoos had zero chance of ever settling in for the long haul. Want to talk about “settling in for the long haul”? Mike Tyson knows all about that type of commitment, because he got the most committed of all tats…mike-tyson-face-tattooThere it is folks, one of the most whacky of all the whacky tattoos in celebrity history. The former boxing world champion and star of “The Hangover” inked a nice looking tribal on his friggin’ eye socket a few years back because we guess he just wanted to show how committed her was to never having a desk job. Strangely enough, he actually wears the placement well. We’ll shut up about his ink choice now though, because we still fear him, and because Lily Allen says so…lily-allen-finger-tattooLily Allen wants to us to “shhh…”, that’s why she inked it on her index finger. The ellipse at the end of it implies that she’s shushing for a really long time after the initial impact. She must really mean it, unlike K-Stew…kristen-stewart-wrist-tattoo“Twilight Saga” star Kristen Stewart got an infinity symbol inked on her wrist to represent her infinite feelings of…uhhhhh…something, but she got it so small that we doubt she really means it. Kesha means it though, just take a look.kesha-mouth-tattooOkay so Kesha annoys us overall, but we got to respect her commitment and her message, way to show em’ who’s boss dollar sign lady! Speaking of being a boss…jamie-foxx-head-tattooThat’s a pretty out there tat for the “Amazing Spiderman 2” star, but he’s Jamie Foxx, he can do whatever he wants. The “Horrible Bosses 2” star has won an Academy Award and played Django, he can get as many crazy head tattoos as he wants.  He’s a true king of Hollywood, so we respect his crown tattoo.cara-delevigne-finger-tattooSpeaking of kings, Cara Delivingne has the King of the Jungle tattooed on her pointer finger, and it’s a really nice piece. Seriously, whoever did that bad boy was on point, because it looks like the lion is going to jump right off of her finger.  She’s a weird girl, but she knows how to pick an artist, and she also must know how to pick her nose…in style. bryan-cranston-tattooWe’re finishing this list with Bryan Cranston, because he’s awesome. He had the logo for his all time great show “Breaking Bad” inked inside of his finger, and even though it’s a standard “I don’t want a real tattoo” tattoo, he did it to match his buddies from the show, and he placed it in a weird spot, so we’re cool with it. Is it the weirdest celebrity ink? No. Are any of these? No. But their placement is just a little bit strange to us, and we love making lists, so we hope you enjoyed it. See you next time you tattoo fiends!

Cara Delevingne: Ink Covered Model

cara-tattoo-1Cara Delvingne isn’t someone who really exists on our radar here at the ole’ tattoo parlor, but when she popped up, she made an impact. We don’t know much about the Victoria’s Secret model and overall star of the runway, but we like what we do know. What is it that we know? We know that despite being a professional good looking person, she’s made it a point to cover herself in ink. Her agent and all of her representatives have gotten upset about it time and time again, but she doesn’t let them get in the way of her love for body art. She could be risking her whole career, but she doesn’t care, she just keeps getting tats, and even though she’s not a fighter or a rocker or a hero, she’s pretty hardcore for doing what she wants with her body. She’s reportedly up to ten pieces of art on her skin, let’s discuss the ones we know about!cara-delevingne-finger-tattoo-1Her most noticeable pieces are the ones on her hands. She has a really well done tiger on one of her fingers (this thing is very artistic and isn’t small; good piece), what appear to be her initials on the side of her hand (simple but well done, also not small), and the word “silence” on her wrist (super simple and probably some sort of misplaced existential meaning, but not offensively bad at all). This trio is pretty solid, and we respect the work all around. She also has work on the rest of her upper body, as she has her mom’s name, “Pandora”, on her bicep (we never have a problem with mom tats, they deserve the recognition), a roman numeral “XII” on her ribs (she supposedly drew it herself and it’s her lucky number; not impressed, but not annoyed, that’s a rough spot for ink so she gets respect),  and “now I’m a warrior” on her left shoulder blade (simple lettering; fine by us). She also went hard and got “Made in England” done on the bottom of her foot (dumb placement, but okay subject matter), and a southern cross around her ear (it’s a constellation and it surrounds her ear, she gets points for bold placement). She’s also getting more ink by the day at this point, so we’re missing at least two of her tats. If you know them, hit us up in the comments and let us know. Overall, we’re cool with the body of tattoos on the body of Cara Delvingne, and we’re even cooler with how hardcore she is about getting them. Keep up the good work Cara!Cara-Delevingne-rib-tattoo Cara-Delevingne-silence-wrist-tattoo cara-delevingne-tattoo cara-delevingne-tattoo-1cara-tattoo-ear