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Cheryl Cole’s New Butt Tat? Is It Too Much?


It’s not a rare occurance for a celebrity to get an “interesting” tattoo; we see them on everyone from Justin Bieber (that ridiculous mouse that he has inked on him) to our own staff (the person writing this article may or may not have a “Boondock Saints” tattoo…and also isn’t a celebrity by any stretch of the imagination). However, most people get their more bold ink in spots that are easy to cover up, or get the pieces put into sleaves so that they blend; British pop princess Cheryl Cole went harder than the rest of us.


The famed singer and judge on both the UK and United States versions of “The X-Factor” recently spent fifty-five (55!!!) hours in the parlor chair getting a giant group of roses inked on her butt, upper hamstrings, and lower back. This thing is friggin’ huge! Seriously folks, it’s one of the biggest boo-saka tats we’ve ever seen, and although it’s well done and looks surprisingly good on her, we’ve got to question the choice just a little bit. She’s known for her talent and her sexy looks, and while we think that chicks with ink rock (she rocks especially hard for singing her way through her time in the chair, she says it helped her deal with the pain) , not everyone feels the same way; some people are strongly turned off by body art. We’re basically saying that her roughly $20 thousand worth of ink swings her too far to one side of culture, and we don’t think that she’s the type of entertainer who can afford to be too much of anything. She’s got a great voice, but her whole gig is kind of generic (no offense meant, we couldn’t do what she does in a million years) and trying to stand out like this might get her pushed out of mainstream favor. In fact, there’s already been a ton of backlash aimed at the Brit’s decision to forever change her derier, as many critics have called her a bad role model and claimed that she’s ruining her body. Of course none of that matters even a little bit because it’s her body and it’s really none of our business to give her flack about anything she does that doesn’t directly effect her quality of life. If she wants to ink her bottom, she can, and there’s nothing we can do but be impressed by her go-hard attitude…and comment on it…and then crap on people for commenting on it. Welcome to the internet folks!