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Danica Patrick’s Tattoo Is Small And Generic


Danica Patrick tends to be a very debated figure in the world of motorsports. She gets credit for being the first woman to ever win an open-wheel race in the elite IndyCar Series, but she also gets over-exposed as a star because of this same fact; often getting press over many of her far more successful male counterparts. There is no doubt that Danica is talented, but she’s not nearly as talented as her fame would suggest; she is however, tattooed, and that’s all we really care about. Danica only has one tattoo that we’re aware of, and it’s in the “tramp stamp” area. The current NASCAR racer has a half American/half checkered flag design with wings on it and stars surrounding it on her mid/lower back. It’s not a terrible tattoo, but it’s also not a very good one; it looks more like something a teenage fan would get that something Danica herself should’ve spent money on.