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Eva Longoria Removes Tattoo

Waving Bye-Bye To Her Old Life, And Her Old Tattoo

Let’s set some things straight; Tony Parker looks like a giant French baby, like an actual toddler that got shot by a reverse shrink-ray; Eva Longoria is one of the most attracive women in the world; he supposedly cheated on her. So their divorce really shouldn’t be considered the worst thing that’s ever happened to the Desperate Housewives star; the tattoo of his jersey number that she got on her back on the other hand, now that’s a catastrophe. Luckily, a healthy bank account and access to medical technology can emilinate a lot of life’s mistakes, so Eva Longoria (formerly Longoria-Parker) dropped some cash recently and got her “nine” tattoo removed, effectively and literally erasing Tony Parker from her memories. Good for her, because like we said before, giant baby…seriously.