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Some Weird Celebrity Tattoos

Steve-O-back-tattooCelebrities love to stick out, it’s why they go out and get famous in the first place: they have a desire to stand out in the crowd. However, for some celebrities it’s not enough to just be famous, they have to be famous and weird at the same time. That’s like trying to be the biggest elephant; you’re already bigger than the other animals, now you want to be the biggest of the big! Elephant talk aside, some celebrities like to get tattooed with some weird stuff; whether it’s because they want to be even more notable, or because they just feel like being strange. Take “Jackass” star and legendary stuntman Steve-O, who got his own autographed photo inked on his back as a stunt for one of his movies. The tattoo is actually really well done, but it’s still extremely weird and completely crazy. Tattooing a face on yourself might not be as weird as getting yourself a face tattoo though…gucci-mane-face-tatYup, Gucci Mane has an ice cream cone tattooed on his face in honor of his song “Icy”…that’s pretty much an act of insanity. He’s known for being a bit of a loose cannon, he’s been to jail multiple times, and a face tattoo is a classic sign of an impulsive person. He doesn’t seem to regret his facial ink though, and that’s awesome for him, because tattoos are forever, so are childhood loves of literature…ryan-gosling-tattooRyan Gosling (“Drive”) has the cover of the book “The Giving Tree” on his left shoulder and it’s a pretty strange tattoo with an explanation that’s…uhhhh…off. He says that he got the tattoo because his mom used to read the Shel Silverstein classic to him when he was a child, but that he thinks the book is messed up and he would never want to be the Giving Tree because the boy uses him up until he’s a stump. Speaking of “stump”, we’re stumped in regards to the reasoning behind this tattoo…ryan-Cabrera-tattooYup, that’s a really bad tattoo of Ryan Gosling’s face, and it’s on “On The Way Down” singer Ryan Cabrera’s leg. It was allegedly chosen by his friends after losing a bet, and it’s pretty terrible, and actually looks a lot more like Ryan Reynolds.  Speaking of Ryan Reynolds…just kidding, he wouldn’t get a weird tattoo, but we all know that Miley Cyrus would…miley-cyrus-dog-tattooOkay, the tattoo is of her dog, who passed a way a while back, so we can’t argue with the sentiment, but the tattoo itself is a bit whacky looking. Maybe she could’ve just gotten a normal picture of the ole’ boy. Weird or not, we will never not like a dog-lover’s dog tribute. We don’t like ice cream lovers’ tributes though…sam-smith-tattoo-ice-cream“Stay With Me” singer Sam Smith has this ice cream cone inked on his leg, and we don’t like it…that’s really all that we have to say about that. Let’s do one more picture for a pallet cleanser…Unicorn-Tattoo-gagaCelebrities even like to stick out when they already stick out, Lady Gaga’s showing off her unicorn tattoo in the above picture to prove it. At the end of the day we’re just having fun folks, and anything that someone, famous or not, wants to ink on their body is their business. It’s just our business to give them crap about it…especially that ice cream cone on Sam Smith, that thing really bothers us for some reason.

The Great Year End Debate: Who Has The Worse Fan Tattoo?

We lied, there is no debate, they’re both absolutely horrible tattoos. As you can see from the pictures, today we are discussing the “super fan” who got Take Care artist/rapper Drake’s name inked on her forehead in huge block-letters; and the other “devoted follower” of The Appeal: Georgia’s Most Wanted rapper Gucci Mane, who got the same ice cream cone tattoo that he has…on her face. Wow, those are some whoppers; face tattoos as a concept are usually bad ideas if you’re not part of tribe or warrior clan, but face tattoos that are their to show allegiance to rappers, those are bad ideas of a while other kind. We realy can’t say who made the worse decision, but we guess it’s fair to say that the Drake fan’s ink somehow looks worse since it’s so…it’s block letters on her forehead and the other one is a design, we’re sure you understand. Drake himself has voiced anger at the artist who allowed the young fan to get the tattoo, while Gucci Mane was probably too busy in court to comment.


Gucci Mane’s Ice Cream Cone Face Tattoo…Is Not A Typo

Folks, we here at Celebrity Tattoo Design see a lot of ridiculous ink, so it takes a lot to surprise us, and even more to make our jaws drop, but we will be damned if we didn’t stare in awe when we got a look at Gucci Mane. The man who gave us Back to the Trap House, The State Vs. Radric Davis, and The Appeal: Georgia’s Most Wanted has two of the most random tattoos we’ve seen in a while, the “EA Sports” video game logo, and an ice cream cone with lightning coming out of it. However, what takes them from random to completely insane is where they’re placed. The EA logo is on his throat, and the ice cream cone is on his face. We tried and we tried, but other than it being proof that he wasn’t lying when he pleaded insanity in a recent court case, there’s no good reason why he would’ve gotten this tattoo. Yes, we know it says “brrr” and that’s his catchphrase, but still; there’s better tattoos and better body parts he could have went with.