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Bon Jovi Or Jon Bovi?


Let’s get something straight here folks: people love Jon Bon Jovi. The man has fans that after thirty years still go to all of his shows and pay a zillion bucks to meet him; he also has quite a few hits (“Livin’ On A Prayer”, “It’s My Life”, etc) and quite a few million bucks in the bank. It’s clear that he’s done well for himself, but as great as things have been for Bon Jovi, how have they been for Jon Bovi? No, I’m not talking about the band from the Saturday Night Live bit, I’m talking about the never before seen singer that apparently wrote “It’s Is My Life”. He must exist, because recently some dude had it inked on his arm and his girlfriend threw it on Reddit to show the world. In the unlikely event that he doesn’t exist, the tattoo is the worst typo ever…or the best joke ever; I’m thinking the latter. Either way, take a look at it, and a real fan tattoo of the singer’s face just for good measure; either one is better than the tattoos that the man himself has…a Superman symbol, a bull skull, and a dragon? His music is original, but his ink sure isn’t…


Also, just for good measure, here’s a Bon Jovi fan tattoo that went the way it was supposed to…


Jon Bon Jovi’s Lifeless Tattoos

Jon Bon Jovi is from New Jersey and that explains a lot when you try to place his musical style and also when you take a look at his tattoos. We’re not gonna comment on the nature of that Jersey style, whether it is good or bad or whatever, we’re just saying it kinda makes sense. He’s got a Superman tat on one shoulder and a cow skull with a feather on the other. Those are ok, they look a little old, they could use some new color and a little embellishment to give them some new life. The dragon one on his ankle is the most interesting but somewhat colorless too.