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Bieber Gets More Ink; Still A Child


Justin Bieber is back at it again folks. No, not acting like a brat…wait, he did that too apparently, but we’re trying to focus on his new tattoo…wait, he acted like a big baby while getting one of his new tattoos? Okay, so we’re here today to talk about a few pieces of Justin Bieber tattoo news…none of them make us happy, as does nothing that the “Baby” singer does. The kid just isn’t good at being famous. Yes, he does a ton of charity stuff and that’s admirable, but so did Mother Teresa, and you don’t hear any stories about her peeing in mop buckets, or being crappy to service industry people, or trying to punch strangers in the face. Odds are pretty strong that he does most of his charity work because his public relations people and his agent (Scooter McBraun) tell him that it’s good for his image. Okay, let’s stop ranting for a moment and talk about the “news”…


So we’ll start with the part where Bieber acted like a tool; it was after getting a tattoo, so it’s within our scope. Aparently, there’s tattoo artists (at least one that we know of) who won’t work with the Biebs anymore because he haggles over price after the artist is done. Yes folks, that’s right; he gets ink and then after it’s on him and the artist has already done work that can’t be taken back, he tries to get his work done cheaper. Thar’s scummy on so many levels that you could build an apartment building dedicated to it. He’s worse than the people who ask for refunds on bad food after they’ve eaten it! Our office was in an uproar when we heard this news, but we were completely underwhelmed when we saw his new tattoo. It’s of an eagle, and it’s well done, but it doesn’t really knock our socks off. We’re more interested in why he was wearing jeans in a bathtub while “recovering” from his ink. Maybe he wanted to get clean pants and wash his upper body at the same time, but he was probably just really into linoleum that day.


Justin Bieber: Music Artist To Ink Artist


New York tattoo artist “Bang Bang” (we don’t know if that’s his legal name or not; if it is, then we’re strangely impressed) has long been known as an artist to the stars, but it appears he’s also a canvas to the stars, because he lets his clients work on him. People like Rihanna, Chris Brown, Katy Perry, Amar’e Stoudemire, Baptiste Giabiconi, and now Justin Bieber have all put their mark on the professional marker. Yes folks that’s right, a respected professional body artist has allowed the guy who sings “Baby” to permanently mark his leg; fortunately the tattoo didn’t turn out too bad…although the subject matter leaves a bit to be desired.


During a recent trip to Bang Bang’s New York shop, the Biebs inked a design of his cartoon alter-ego on the renowned artist’s calf. This alter-ego happens to be a cartoon mouse named “Swaggy”…who also has his own tattoo…and a six pack…and weird feet. As a group people who have crossed the line where the actual content of their ink now matters less than the story attached to it, we can understand allowing a random famous person to ink your leg in the name of running a good bussiness and getting good publicity, but why the hell would anyone want to be a mouse named “Swaggy”? To each his own; we guess. The new ink was part of an exchange between Beiber and the shop owner, who gave Justin the name of his new album (“Believe”) on his left forearm.


The new lower arm work is just the latest in a slew of tats for the “If I Was Your Boyfriend” singer. The Canadian-born pop prince has been getting inked since his mid-teens, and his collection already includes a Greek Chi (looks like an “X”, means “Christ”), praying hands with roses around them on his calf, Jesus on his leg, the Hebrew word for “Jesus” om his ribs, an owl, a crown, and a Japanese Kanji (it means “music”). We’re sure that he has more ink in his future, as he’s been so consistent with his work in recent years and he’s still in the middle of his prime tattoo years. We expect his to end up with a full sleave at some point, probably when he tries to transition to “more serious” music in a couple of years. We look forward to it, because say what you will about him as a person and an artist (we have plenty, trust us), but the kid usually has nice work done.bieber-tattoos-bang-bang-pic

Because We Have To Tell You: Justin Bieber Gets A New Tattoo

We need to stop this kid from getting any more tattoos, because if we have to write one more article about Justin Bieber getting ink, we’re going to burn the whole office down with us in it. The “Boyfriend” and “Baby” singer has a few tattoos already and recently teased that he’d be getting matching ink with his girlfriend Selena Gomez. Now come word that he’s gotten a new tattoo that has nothing to do with his Disney love-affair. On a recent appearance on The Late Show, ole’ Justin Beaver showed off the “Believe” tattoo on his forearm, which he got in honor of the title of his newest album. This logic really makes us wish that he named his new album “Your Mom Says Hi” or “Baby Puncher”, because either one would be way more fun to see on the arm of a teen-pop idol. The current piece looks more like something a drunk baseball fan gets after his team wins a playoff game. Look, we don’t like Justin Bieber, but we also really don’t care that much, so it would just be easier on us all if her stopped getting stupid looking tattoos.

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez To Get Matching Tattoos

Wow, kids make really bad decisions these days. Following the current trend of celebrity couples getting matching tattoos (Kim and Kanye have been mulling it over recently), Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are reportedly getting dual ink. The “Boyfriend” singer and the Disney Channel star have been an item for quite some time, so despite the fact that they’re both still teenagers, they’re going to get the matching work to add to their already growing collections. Bieber has a couple of tattoos already (including a matching one with his dad), and Gomez kind of has a little spec of ink on her body, so it’s not like it’s their first body art. However, that doesn’t make it a good idea, as the two have a fairly slim chance of staying together in the long run. Sources say that the tattoos will be very small and therefore easily removed, and that they will be done by artist-to-the-stars Bang Bang.

Justin Bieber Shows Off New Tattoo And Girlish Figure

We’re starting to wonder how many tattoos “Baby” singer Justin Bieber can get before girls stop screaming and passing out everytime he opens his mouth. Our careers as teen idols started to fizzle out right around tattoo number three, and the Biebs just got his third little piece of ink. You see in our experience, ink only keeps you in hearthrob territory if you’re muscular and masculine, not when you’re built like a female meth-head…just a thought. Anyway, Justin Bieber showed off his new Jesus calf tattoo (it’s from a work called Ecce Homo, not a a tattoo of Jesus’ calf) during a recent beach trip, and while it’s a well done piece of body art, it’s still on Justin Bieber, and none of his tattoos (check them out) are allowed to get our stamp of approval. He’s really bringing our stock down; if he keeps this up, we’re going to have to get face tats just to keep our rep (*incorrectly throws up gang sign, does running-man, leaves with head hung low*).

Justin Bieber Has Tattoos…Ugh.

And just like that, everyone with ink felt a little less cool. It’s true folks, teen sensation Justin Bieber has tattoos…they’re very small…and one of them is barely even a tattoo…but yes, he’s technically “one of us”. His latest tattoo is a nice little sentiment, as he went with his dad and got matching rib ink; it says “Jesus” in Hebrew vertically down their left sides. That one shouldn’t surprise fans of the ultra-religious, family oriented singer. However, what should surprise people is how half-assed his other “piece” is. It’s a bird on his left hip, but it looks more like a teeny-tiny Chevy symbol, or maybe at best an outline of Woody Woodpecker’s head. He’s also been known to show up in photos with fake tattoos drawn on, but they’re just that, fake. We can’t see Bieber getting really covered, as it wouldn’t go with his image, but maybe he’ll get a super classy portrait of his kid when he inevitably gets Selena Gomez pregnant.

Justin Bieber Photoshop Madness and Steve O Tattoos

Yep you got it, its the original design that inspired Mike Tyson to get his tribal facial tattoo. It was Bieber first. Believe it! or perhaps not. Actually this is how it happened – Bieber wakes up in the bathtub of a shady hotel in Thailand after a long night partying the day before his buddies wedding… Oh wait is that from the Hangover movie? Well, you know now where they got the idea don’t you?

Ok, no messing around here – this is a photoshop joke but it is a pretty good one. Taking Steve O’s dumb tattoo of himself and putting on Bieber’s chest. The thing is people were making such a fuss about his actual tattoo (see below) which is really nothing more than a little squiggle, its as if to say “Here is something you could really make a fuss about” if it were true, we wish it were, it would be a more interesting world, but its not true.


And you know you know you know how many fans already have some kind of inked head of this guy already, too many, and its not funny or interesting or anything good.