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Kate Del Castillo’s Tummy Tat


Kate Del Castillo has made a name for herself as one of Mexico’s most acclaimed actresses, starring in over ten telanovelas (Spanish soap operas) during her twenty year career. She’s also made the jump to acting in American films, co-starring in movies like Bordertown with fellow star of the Latin community Jennifer Lopez. When it comes to tattoos, she doesn’t have many, but she’s got a couple. Her most famous is the little tribal one she has under her belly button, which looks kind of like a comet, or half of a ying-yang symbol. Her newest tattoo is the “pi” symbol on the back of her left- shoulder. I doubt it’s representative of her love of math and really long numbers, so it’s more than likely that it’s the Greek letter for “P” and that it stands for something close to her heart. What she has is fun enough but they seem like teasers.¬†Given the size and number of her current tattoos, odds are that we won’t be seeing much more from her in the future, and we probably shouldn’t, tattoos just don’t seem to fit her. Prove us wrong Kate, just do it.





belly button tat