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Kathy Griffin’s Bad Idea Tattoo

Kathy Griffin doesn’t seem like the person who would get a tattoo for a loved one then regret it; she seems like she’d get the tattoo of course, she just doesn’t strike us as someone who feels regret very often. However, when that loved-one is a husband who she’s no longer married too, we start to understand her feelings a little better. You see, the My Life On the D-List star had a wedding ring tattoo on her finger that she got when she married Matt Moline in 2000, but when they divorced 2005 she changed her mind and had the ink removed. The Kathy star opted to have the body-art removed by laser rather than cover it up with a different piece or just live with it. That makes the tattoo a pretty expensive mistake, but she’s a millionaire and a celebrity, it’s her job to make expensive mistakes.