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Katy Perry Celebrates The Super Bowl with a New Tattoo


Katy Perry celebrated her Super Bowl halftime show with something that will last her forever. A new tattoo! Perry’s performance was nothing short of Super. She posted this picture up on her @Instagram saying “I thought it would be appropriate to draw blood tonight… XLIX,”


Katy Perry’s Tattoos

Hey everybody! It’s time to talk about Katy Perry, everyone loves Katy Perry! Well, everyone except Russell Brand (her estranged husband); that’s a shame too, seeing as how he and Katy having matching tattoos. On the insides of their arms, they have “Go With The Flow” in Sanskrit. Why Sanskirt? Probably because they’re celebrities, and therefore must do things in the dumbest way possible. Anyway, Katy Perry also has “Jesus” on her wrist, and a cartoon strawberry on her ankle. Well considering all of her ink, maybe sanskrit is the secret language of the strawberries, and Katy is actually part of a giant conspiracy that will result in the little fruits taking over the world! No, on second thought, she’s probably just easily influenced by goofy looking Englishmen and likes small, seedless fruit.