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Kelly Ripa – An Ankle and A Wrist Tattoo

Kelly Ripa doesn’t seem like she’d have any tattoos; we can’t really put our fingers on it, but something about her wholesome, always smiling image,,just doesn’t scream “I have ink!”. Regardless though, the co-host of Live With Regis and Kelly, Live With Kelly and All My Children has two tattoos, and she doesn’t make any effort to hide either one. The first tattoo she got is on her ankle, and is a tribal design surrounding a flower. Her newest tattoo is on her wrist, and it says “Consuelos”; it’s in honor of her husband and former All My Children co-star, Mark Consuelos. With Regis’ recent retirement, we know that Kelly is looking for a new co-host, and we really hope that she takes the search as an opportunity to get in touch with her inked side and chooses someone with serious body art; we suggest she go with Henry Rollins. Think about it, they could talk tattoos, she could talk about carpet samples, and he could punch audience members in the gut while yelling about the budget crisis, it’d be the return of “must see TV”.