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Kevin Durant’s Newest Ink

We can’t help but think that we’d appreciate Kevin Durant’s new tattoo a whole lot more if he wasn’t actually from Maryland; if he was just a big fan of the state for no apparent reason and wanted to show it. With that said, we’re still really impressed with the Oklahoma City Thunder superstar and youngest scoring champion in National Basketball League (NBA) history’s new back piece. We’ve told you before about Durant’s new-found love for tattoos, and his peculiar practice of only getting them in places that can’t be seen when he’s wearing his jersey. Well, Durant has added to his hidden trove of ink by getting a tribute to Maryland (the big “Maryland” across his shoulders), his jersey number (the hands on his back are making a ‘3’ and a ‘5’, he wears number 35), and his religion (the giant angel is pretty self explanatory) covering his back. Durant always gets great ink, and this piece is no different; it’s well done, meaningful, and not-stupid, which for a celebrity, is a major accomplishment.


Kevin Durant’s Hidden Tattoo Work

And you thought Kevin Durant was one of the minority of NBA stars without tattoos, well, think again, he’s been hiding them all this time. It appears that he takes his position as a role model seriously and doesn’t want kids to see him with tattoos so he hasn’t got any on his arms or anyplace that would be easily seen when he is in public. Maybe he has a point. It looks a little strange though really with torso tats and naked arms, its the reverse of the usual, people usually get tats to be seen. And what does he have tattooed? Some symbolic things about his roots and hometown, and the names of his Mom and Grandmother on either side of his chest.