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Lance Bass’ Tattoos – Ankle, Wrist and Mystery Locations

ankle tat

Lance Bass, born in Mississippi in 1979, has made a career as a singer, dancer, producer, author, and actor, and is most famous for being an openly gay member of ultra-famous boy band, N’Sync. He recently gained some time in the press for allegedly running in fear out of a Las Vegas tattoo shop. Bass vehemently denied reports that he chickened out in the face of the old electric needle, and cited that he had seven tattoos already and had simply left because he didn’t need anymore ink. Of the seven tattoos he claims to have, there’s only photographic evidence of two of them, He has a Japanese Kanji symbol of unspecified meaning on his left wrist, and what has only been described as an “artistic symbol” on his left ankle/lower calf. The story about him running out of the shop is almost definitely bogus, but his explanation makes you wonder where his other five tattoos are.