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An Update On Leann Rimes Tattoos

Okay, we made a mistake, let’s get that part out of the way. We recently reported in an earlier article that Leann Rimes has a tribal tattoo on her calf/ankle; we were wrong, sorry about that folks. We’re going to make it up to you though, because we have some new news about Leann Rimes ink. It looks like we missed the “love” tattoo on her tailbone, and since that last article “went to press” she’s had more work done. Her new tattoo is in honor of her husband Eddie Cibrian, and it says “The Only One The Matters”; it’s on her foot and we assume that it’s in place of the vows she was going to get on her ribcage. It’s a nice piece of ink, but nothing special or different; just like the rest of her tattoos and her image and career as a whole, nice but underwhelming (zing!).


Leann Rimes’ Tattoos


We’ve been seeing a lot of Lean Rimes in the tabloids lately, as the “Blue”, “How Do I Live”, and “Swingin” singer’s marriage with Eddie Cibrian and its effect on his family have made her pretty solid gossip fodder. So with that said, it falls upon us to tell you about Leann Rimes tattoos, which are really underwhelming, but are there none-the-less. On her ankle, she had some sort of tribal band which just seems like a random design; and on her hip bone she has “Still I Rise” (the title of a Maya Angelou poem). She’s also had designs drawn up and stenciled on her for a possible future tattoo of her wedding vows, which would say, “You gave me the courage to be truthful. I promise to give you the comfort to be trustful.”.

It's Just A Stencil, But She May Get It Someday