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Lindsay Lohan’s New Tattoo Is Unimpressive

Well, Lindsay Lohan is back in the news again, and as always, it’s for something underwhelming and somewhat mundane. This time, everyone’s favorite trainwreck has gone out and gotten a new tattoo on her wrist. As TMZ first reported, Lohan added to her Billy Joel inspired ink, and her generic Italian phrase piece over the weekend by getting “live without regrets” inked on her left wrist. She claims that it’s part of her expression of her current positive mindset; we think it’s just a really dumb tattoo that a party girl would get to seem less like a druken moron who makes tons of bad decisions, and more like she’s an existential genius. There haven’t been a lot of solid pictures of the new tattoo yet, but we’ll let you in on a little secret: it looks like something a meth-head would get; it’s in poorly done script and looks an awful lot like it was done with a Bic Pen and a spool of string.

Lindsay Lohan’s Generic Tattoos

So folks, as part of her generic party-girl idiocy, Lindsay Lohan has gotten some generic tattoos. She has the ever popular tiny star that means something vapid and falsely deep, she has “shhhh” on her finger (get it, so she can put her finger to her mouth and “shhhh” people…ugh), a teardrop on her hand (again, so she can do a stupid thing where she puts her hand to face and mimicks crying), the words”La Bella Vida” on her lower back (“the beautiful life” in Italian…double ugh), some interpretation of some Marlyn Monroe saying on her arm (she undoubtedly took the wrong meaning from it), and her latest ink, lyrics from the Billy Joel song “I Go To Extremes”; which read, “Clear as a crystal sharp as a knife/I feel like I’m in the prime of my life,”. Billy Joel is awesome, Lindsay Lohan is terrible, and she’s again most likely misinterpreting his lyrics. I’m pretty sure he meant to tell people to follow their dreams no matter what, or something similar; he didn’t want them to act like drunk morons and make a constant mockery of the justice system. Boo to her, boo to her tattoos; I’m out.